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Customer Care Recommendations

I have two daughters that rodeo full time and use our tack.  One is in college rodeo and does circuit rodeos just about every weekend.  The other is in high school rodeo and runs everywhere else she can.  The best way to keep your set looking perfect all the time is to AVOID SWEAT!!  If you get it all sweaty be sure to wipe or rinse with plain water and dry.  It will not hurt anything on there.  It should NOT be used for every day practice (especially for what you have in it).  My daughter takes hers off after her run and puts it in a bag and hangs it in the trailer.  Hers always looks brand new!  Do not use any type of chemical on the stones and always tighten your conchos.


If you have an accident and harm your set and need to send it back for repair, we will charge a small stone fee; usually not over $50.  If you have obviously taken care of it we usually do not charge at all.  If it is crusted with sweat and dust there will definitly be a fee involved but we will always repair our product.  So the best thing to do is keep it clean and put up after each use!!  That way your repairs will be free.  If your set needs a complete revamp after a couple of years use, we do charge a small fee; once again rarely over $50 to redo the conchos and crystals.  So you initial investment is safe and you should be able to keep your set for many years.  We do not repair other people's work.  When sending a set for repair, enclose a $25 check to cover shipping back to you.  If there are any other charges you will be contacted.


In 5 years we have never had a return so i dont know how to address that!! We will handle it on a case by case basis.